Engagement: Tyler & Elizabeth

Scioto Mile and Genoa Park ~ Columbus, Ohio

Love story time! Tyler and Elizabeth will be the first to tell you that God was the one who wrote their love story and orchestrated every detail! This was obvious in little moments throughout their relationship…even in leading them to meet online! Tyler had tried the online dating scene and was nearly ready to quit, meanwhile Elizabeth had just started! When Elizabeth began the process she could have chose a couple different locations to list where she was from because of where she went to college, worked, and grew up, but wouldn’t you know the location she chose to list was just inside of Tyler’s selection reach! To top it off they have so many things in common, including that they are both engineers! Another sweet note written by God is that after Tyler and Elizabeth get married in March she doesn’t even have to search for a job! She can easily transfer here to central Ohio! Sometimes it’s the little things that we miss, but if we take the time to recognize God in our lives we can see how He really does lead us and works things out for His glory and for our good!♥️

Engagement: Andy & Jenna

Andy and Jenna were high school sweethearts…now love of their lives. They’ve been together for eight years and have walked together through the ups and downs of life. Next January they plan to tie the knot and continue to walk side by side through life together. Andy and Jenna love all things winter and snowmobiles…see the ski-doo outfits! We’re really hoping there’s snow on the ground for their January wedding! Andy and Jenna, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m really looking forward to your BIG day!! Hugs!

Engagement: John & Jillian

Downtown Columbus, Ohio + Spagio in Granville

I loved John and Jillian’s engagement session! It incorporated a great mix of their love story, fun, romance, and gorgeous sunlight! Speaking of their love story…be sure to read below about how their lives circled back to each other after years had passed. John and Jillian met while studying at the University of Cincinnati, but their lives took different directions. John followed his dreams of playing in the NFL, while Jillian pursued her career in Cincinnati and here in Columbus. Good ol’ social media in the form of Facebook brought their paths back together and it was much more than clicking the “Add Friend” button. Yep…true love! John and Jillian are getting ready to tie the knot in 2020!! Congratulations, John and Jillian!  Their first date was at Spagio, so a few minutes of pictures at this cute restaurant in Granville was a MUST!

Maternity: Jenna & Jared

Sun-Kissed Creek and Meadow Session

In this part of the country (Ohio specifically) winter can sometimes seem to lag on, and somehow this year spring and warmer temps felt like a long time in coming. It’s easy to get a bit down-in-the-dumps when it comes to the “dead” scenery around, HOWEVER, let me be the first to say that this session was not the case! The sun was shining and all of the muted colors left from winter blended beautifully with Jenna’s outfits! Not to sound cliché, but this momma-to-be was literally glowing…STUNNING! Let’s talk fashion… Jenna’s choice of maternity outfits for this session were on point! Everything was from Amazon, and Jenna shared they were all reasonably priced!    Jared and Jenna, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this stage for you! Many blessings as you anticipate the arrival of little Torin! I’ll be excited to hear of his arrival!

Intimate Home Session

I was so excited to photograph this home session for Jonathan and Morgan. Two years ago they tied the knot and now have their own home! They’ve made it so cozy, welcoming, and personal. Their crisp and clean white accents mixed with modern touches of decor were put together perfectly. Everywhere I looked I saw their personal touches hanging on the walls with pictures from their wedding or engagement session (which I LOVED to see, because I took them!) As always, these two were so comfortable in front of the camera and had fun with the session as we moved around their house!

P.S. Don’t miss their beautiful dog, Mia! She was also quite the model!!

Engagement: Ryan & Rebecca

Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Thanks for dropping by to read a little about Ryan and Rebecca and to see some of their engagement pics! I feel like I have so much to tell you!!

Let’s start with their love story…

Rebecca shared, “We met our Freshman year of college while at a Christian conference in Indianapolis. I was really involved with a Christian organization on campus, so I signed up for the winter conference with my best friend Lauren. She mentioned a guy from her Econ class coming, but I didn’t think anything of it. Come to find out…it was Ryan! Ryan was not involved in the organization, but was pushed by friends to attend the conference. Lauren introduced us right before the first worship session of the conference. We became really good friends and here we are now! 🙂 We love to look back at the time we first met and see how our relationship began in the presence of Christ at the conference and how He continues to be at the center of our relationship.” Ryan, tell me a little about Rebecca and what you love about her. “Rebecca is a Christ-centered woman. She is a servant and puts others before herself. Becca loves to run, solve puzzles and do anything that is outdoors. I love the passion that she has to make children’s lives better by being a wonderful teacher. I fell in love with Rebecca because of her strong faith in the lord, as well as, her fun and adventurous personality. She is always willing to try something new! She is my best friend!” Rebecca, how would you describe Ryan? “Ryan is one of the biggest blessings that the Lord has given me. Ryan is such a hard worker and is extremely dedicated to anything he puts his mind to. Ryan loves everything outdoors from being at the farm to hunting, fishing, building things or laid back camping trips. I love Ryan because he chases after the Lord and selflessly serves others in any way that he can. I admire his strength, dedication, selflessness, and strong desire to continually chase after Christ. Ryan is my best friend and I am excited to see what God’s plan is for us.” Ryan and Rebecca love to go on adventures and explore new places. They can’t sit still! They spend a lot of time outside hiking, fishing, hunting, running and cycling. Ryan and Rebecca’s session took place in October on one of those not-so-nice fall weather days. It kept threatening to storm and even sprinkled on us a bit, but never enough that we felt we needed to reschedule. At the very end it got CRAZY windy and we joked about “where we were in the tornado of 2018” (thank You, Jesus, that didn’t happen!) But for the final photo opt and because they like running, it only seemed fitting to run and watch Rebecca’s hair blow in the wind! Ryan and Rebecca, I’m already looking forward to your wedding next year!

P.S. Please say a prayer for Ryan and Rebecca and their family. Ryan’s dad passed away this week. While they have peace knowing he is with Jesus and has a new, cancer-free body, it’s still so hard to face the finality here on earth. All my love, hugs, and prayers to the Roll family.

Engagement: Jeff & Jodi

It was a match made in heaven…and also at Chick-fil-A!! AND it was truly their pleasure!! Okay, I just had to get those out of my system!! 🙂 But seriously, Jeff and Jodi met at Chick-fil-A and are now looking forward to their June wedding! Jodi tried not to get her hopes up for snow on the ground when we scheduled their session, but it came just in time and looked like a winter wonderland! We warmed up at Winans Chocolates and took a few cozy pictures indoors.  When asked what Jodi loves about Jeff this is what she shared, “He makes me laugh and isn’t afraid to be a little weird.  He listens extremely well to all the crazy problems I have.  He spoils me all the time.  He works hard even if he doesn’t feel like it.  He also comes with a fantastic family full of a bunch of crazy people who have gladly welcomed me into their close circle.”
Jeff, what do you love about Jodi? “She is very kind and thinks logically. She doesn’t get upset easily. She is honest and listens to me, and I can tell her anything without being afraid of being judged.”

Joe & Brittany’s Downtown Columbus Engagement

Scioto Mile and Schiller Park, Columbus, Ohio

I LOVED Joe and Brittany’s session! The sun was shining beautifully…just perfect for a romantic, love-filled engagement session!

The days are counting down to their November wedding, and I’m SO looking forward to their BIG day!!   Joe and Brittany met through mutual friends. She’s quiet at first, but the more you get to know her she’s an open book. He’s caring, patient and great with kids. Together they love to spend quality time with each other and family. Joe is a police officer, so they brought along a police officer’s flag to use for some of the pictures.

Josh and Laura’s Downtown Columbus Engagement

Scioto Mile ~ Schiller Park ~ Winans Chocolates, Columbus, Ohio

I love, love, LOVED Josha and Laura’s engagement session! It took place the very end of March, so it was still a bit chilly and windy, but we came up with the perfect mix of outdoor/indoor settings AND to top it off we happened across some blossoming trees to add to the beauty! Now we’re looking forward to their August wedding!

Winans Chocolates, Coffees, and Wines was the perfect spot to warm up a bit. Such a classy setting for these pictures of Josh and Laura…it fit them perfectly!