Styled Wedding: Nathan + Kaylee

North Bank Park Pavilion, The Scioto Mile, Columbus OH

Venue: North Bank Park Pavilion

Planner: The Crystal Collection Team

Cake: Miam Cake, Scarlett Kilzer

Floral Designs: Perla Flor Designs, Roxanne Yoder

Hair/Makeup: Haley Garber Beauty

Decor Rentals: Kosins

Tuxedo: Generation Tux

Bridal Gown: LuxeRedux Bridal – Columbus

Bridal Gown Designer: Hayley Paige

Stationary: Designed. Sealed. Delivered., Emma

Mobile Bar: Trailer Made Mobile Bar, Angela Dearwester

Models: Nathan & Kaylee Bidwell


Engagement: Tyler & Elizabeth

Scioto Mile and Genoa Park ~ Columbus, Ohio

Love story time! Tyler and Elizabeth will be the first to tell you that God was the one who wrote their love story and orchestrated every detail! This was obvious in little moments throughout their relationship…even in leading them to meet online! Tyler had tried the online dating scene and was nearly ready to quit, meanwhile Elizabeth had just started! When Elizabeth began the process she could have chose a couple different locations to list where she was from because of where she went to college, worked, and grew up, but wouldn’t you know the location she chose to list was just inside of Tyler’s selection reach! To top it off they have so many things in common, including that they are both engineers! Another sweet note written by God is that after Tyler and Elizabeth get married in March she doesn’t even have to search for a job! She can easily transfer here to central Ohio! Sometimes it’s the little things that we miss, but if we take the time to recognize God in our lives we can see how He really does lead us and works things out for His glory and for our good!♥️

Styled Wedding: Joe + Samantha

Romance in the rain…you’ve got it! Basically, The Notebook come to life, but better! Picture a translucent canoe in the french countryside and village pub! BUT better yet is Joe and Samantha’s love story!! It’s the kind of love story that’s amazing and crazy all at the same time!!!

Let’s start with Samantha….she grew up in Ohio, but after some super tough life situations God led her to Colorado for a time of healing. While in Colorado she met a guy name Norman (aka Joe’s best friend!) Somehow after merely a sentence or two of conversation with Norman he knew Samantha was meant to be his best friend’s wife!

Norman immediately told Joe’s parents and they started praying for her over the next six months. Meanwhile, Samantha had NO IDEA about these sweet prayers or any of Norman’s ideas!! Norman did, however, tell Joe that he had found his wife for him and slowly over six months told Joe about Samantha. Let’s pause here to give you a little back story to Joe… Joe grew up in Papua New Guinea as a missionary kid until he was eleven-years-old. The culture in Papua New Guinea was that the opposite sex didn’t associate with each other AT ALL!! (He didn’t even associate with his girl cousins!) His family then moved to South Dakota…still no girlfriends until Norman’s idea entered the picture! Okay, here’s how it all went down! Six months passed when Norman finally told Samantha of his idea that his best friend, Joe, would be perfect for her. Joe left South Dakota at midnight and made the EIGHT HOUR drive to Colorado on a motorcycle to meet Samantha for the first time!! First impressions for Samantha?? Well, Joe arrived after the eight hour trip at a little coffee shop with an afro-like, total motorcycle helmet smashed hairdo and well, let’s just say he didn’t quite look like he does in these pictures! LOL! But their first blind date lasted 13 hours and included mountain hikes, easy silence, eating, and honest conversations. They both just knew it was right!

80 days later they committed to forever!! In Samantha’s words, “We barely knew each other, but we knew what counted: our foundation of person and heart. And for the first time, we found a perfect fit.”

Country Venue: French Hen Farm

Pub and Table Setting Venue: Strongwater Events

Event Planning & Florals: Inspired Settings

Gown: The Bride Babe

Tuxedo: Romanoff’s Classic Tuxedo

Hair & Makeup: Rustic Roots, Stacy Connor

Bridal accessories: Cori Lynn Co

Engagement: Andy & Jenna

Andy and Jenna were high school sweethearts…now love of their lives. They’ve been together for eight years and have walked together through the ups and downs of life. Next January they plan to tie the knot and continue to walk side by side through life together. Andy and Jenna love all things winter and snowmobiles…see the ski-doo outfits! We’re really hoping there’s snow on the ground for their January wedding! Andy and Jenna, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m really looking forward to your BIG day!! Hugs!

Engagement: John & Jillian

Downtown Columbus, Ohio + Spagio in Granville

I loved John and Jillian’s engagement session! It incorporated a great mix of their love story, fun, romance, and gorgeous sunlight! Speaking of their love story…be sure to read below about how their lives circled back to each other after years had passed. John and Jillian met while studying at the University of Cincinnati, but their lives took different directions. John followed his dreams of playing in the NFL, while Jillian pursued her career in Cincinnati and here in Columbus. Good ol’ social media in the form of Facebook brought their paths back together and it was much more than clicking the “Add Friend” button. Yep…true love! John and Jillian are getting ready to tie the knot in 2020!! Congratulations, John and Jillian!  Their first date was at Spagio, so a few minutes of pictures at this cute restaurant in Granville was a MUST!

Newborns of 2019

2019 has been the “Year of Babies!” I’m pretty sure by the end of the year I will have photographed more babies in 2019 than in my whole career combined!

When I photograph newborns I bring the session to the family’s home where everyone is comfortable in their own surroundings and the newborn doesn’t have to be taken out. When I arrive I look around to find the best window light and setting that will make for nice pictures. I bring along a few swaddles and props, but it’s always special when there’s a blanket that a grandma made to wrap the baby or something unique to the parents to incorporate into the session. I’ve learned over the years that you need a lot of patience with newborns! The sessions can take anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours (one time I was with a baby for almost 4 hours!! Eeek!) Their tummies need to be full and it’s best if they sleep!

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you all the cute little babies I’ve met this year! (I’ll try to keep it to four pictures of each…that’s hard to do!)

  Garrett Torin Hunter Caroline Graham Hadley Lydian Elliott Weston

Maternity: Jenna & Jared

Sun-Kissed Creek and Meadow Session

In this part of the country (Ohio specifically) winter can sometimes seem to lag on, and somehow this year spring and warmer temps felt like a long time in coming. It’s easy to get a bit down-in-the-dumps when it comes to the “dead” scenery around, HOWEVER, let me be the first to say that this session was not the case! The sun was shining and all of the muted colors left from winter blended beautifully with Jenna’s outfits! Not to sound cliché, but this momma-to-be was literally glowing…STUNNING! Let’s talk fashion… Jenna’s choice of maternity outfits for this session were on point! Everything was from Amazon, and Jenna shared they were all reasonably priced!    Jared and Jenna, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this stage for you! Many blessings as you anticipate the arrival of little Torin! I’ll be excited to hear of his arrival!

Easy Party Setting Ideas

Styled Tablescapes

Have you ever been invited to a meal and felt absolutely treated because of how the host took the time to make things special? Sometimes the smallest details on a table setting can make the biggest difference in making our guests feel at home and truly welcomed. I had the privilege of joining several local businesses to create two simple and welcoming settings.

The first is a “Tea for Two” themed party setting. Can’t you just imagine little girls having fun at this tea party?! Cupcakes, tea, flowers, and pillows to relax on! A little girls dream!

This next tablescape design was quite easy to pull together, and yet so warm and welcoming! The slight touches of eucalyptus and blue/green hues mixed with the wood-on-wood table and bowls gave the setting a natural and yet elegant look.  The finishing touches of gold utensils and hand-scripted calligraphy name cards brought it all together beautifully. It was a pleasure to work with the following businesses:

Venue: The Barn on Chapel Road

Designer: MB Design Concepts

Stationary: Calligraphy By Katie