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Engagement: Tyler & Elizabeth

Scioto Mile and Genoa Park ~ Columbus, Ohio

Love story time! Tyler and Elizabeth will be the first to tell you that God was the one who wrote their love story and orchestrated every detail! This was obvious in little moments throughout their relationship…even in leading them to meet online! Tyler had tried the online dating scene and was nearly ready to quit, meanwhile Elizabeth had just started! When Elizabeth began the process she could have chose a couple different locations to list where she was from because of where she went to college, worked, and grew up, but wouldn’t you know the location she chose to list was just inside of Tyler’s selection reach! To top it off they have so many things in common, including that they are both engineers! Another sweet note written by God is that after Tyler and Elizabeth get married in March she doesn’t even have to search for a job! She can easily transfer here to central Ohio! Sometimes it’s the little things that we miss, but if we take the time to recognize God in our lives we can see how He really does lead us and works things out for His glory and for our good!♥️

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