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Wedding: Matthew & Brittany

Matt and Brittany are a super sweet couple and their wedding was Christ-centered and touching.  I don’t very often find myself tearing up at weddings, but there was something sentimental and special in the emotions I witnessed.

Allow me to give you a glimpse into their day…

Brittany got ready at the church where the ceremony would take place…also where they both attend.wedding_photography-1 wedding_photography-2 wedding_photography-3 wedding_photography-4 wedding_photography-5 wedding_photography-6 wedding_photography-7 wedding_photography-8 wedding_photography-9 wedding_photography-10Their first look and portraits were at a nearby park in Dublin, M.L. Red Trabue Nature Reserve.wedding_photography-11 wedding_photography-12 wedding_photography-13Although it was a bit chilly the sun was shining brightly!wedding_photography-14 wedding_photography-15 wedding_photography-16 wedding_photography-17 wedding_photography-18 wedding_photography-19 wedding_photography-20 wedding_photography-21 wedding_photography-22 wedding_photography-23 wedding_photography-24 wedding_photography-25 wedding_photography-26 wedding_photography-27 wedding_photography-28 wedding_photography-29 wedding_photography-30 wedding_photography-31 wedding_photography-32 wedding_photography-33 wedding_photography-34 wedding_photography-35 wedding_photography-36 wedding_photography-37 wedding_photography-38 wedding_photography-39I love the unique zig-zag docks at the park.wedding_photography-40 wedding_photography-41 wedding_photography-42 wedding_photography-43 wedding_photography-44 wedding_photography-45 wedding_photography-46 wedding_photography-47 wedding_photography-48 wedding_photography-49 wedding_photography-50 wedding_photography-51 wedding_photography-52 wedding_photography-53 wedding_photography-54 wedding_photography-55 wedding_photography-56 wedding_photography-57 wedding_photography-58 wedding_photography-59 wedding_photography-60 wedding_photography-61 wedding_photography-62 wedding_photography-63 wedding_photography-64 wedding_photography-65One of the twins didn’t want to be photographed, but it made for some fun memories and pictures! wedding_photography-66 wedding_photography-67 wedding_photography-68 wedding_photography-69 wedding_photography-70wedding_photography-71 wedding_photography-72 wedding_photography-73 wedding_photography-74 wedding_photography-75 wedding_photography-76 wedding_photography-77 wedding_photography-78 wedding_photography-79 wedding_photography-80The basement of their church was transformed beautifully into an elegant reception!wedding_photography-81 wedding_photography-82 wedding_photography-83 wedding_photography-84 wedding_photography-85 wedding_photography-86 wedding_photography-87The story behind the pictures below…Brittany’s dad presented Matt with a gift.  Inside the package was her well-worn blanket to take along!wedding_photography-88 wedding_photography-89 wedding_photography-90 wedding_photography-91 wedding_photography-92 wedding_photography-93 wedding_photography-94The groomsmen pulled a trick on Matt and Brittany and had this old van ready for them as their “getaway vehicle.”  Matt and Brittany were able to find their decorated car to leave in instead! 🙂wedding_photography-95 wedding_photography-96 wedding_photography-97 wedding_photography-98Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Troyer!

Special thanks to Deborah of DG Photography for second shooting for me.  As always, it was awesome working with you!

One thought on “Wedding: Matthew & Brittany

  1. Oh my goodness, these are lovely! What a sweet sweet couple!! Beautiful wedding! You did a fabulous job as always, Jessica, in capturing their day! And I’m running out of positive adjectives so we’ll move on to emojis…😜💗👍👊👏😊

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