Recent Work

Senior: Dylan

Class of 2017

Dylan is in his senior year at London High School!  He enjoys running and is currently on the Cross Country team.  He also has an interest in photography and travel (I love hearing this!), and he’s planning to attend Columbus Sate after high school.  Dylan, the Lord bless you as you follow His plans for you!

london_ohio_senior_photography-1 london_ohio_senior_photography-2 london_ohio_senior_photography-2-5 london_ohio_senior_photography-3 london_ohio_senior_photography-4 london_ohio_senior_photography-5 london_ohio_senior_photography-6 london_ohio_senior_photography-7 london_ohio_senior_photography-8Speaking of travel…Dylan got this backpack while visiting friends in Morocco.  london_ohio_senior_photography-9 london_ohio_senior_photography-10 london_ohio_senior_photography-11 london_ohio_senior_photography-12 london_ohio_senior_photography-14 ohio_senior_photography-1 ohio_senior_photography-2 ohio_senior_photography-3 ohio_senior_photography-4 ohio_senior_photography-5 ohio_senior_photography-6 senior_pictures-1 senior_pictures-2 senior_pictures-3 senior_pictures-4 senior_pictures-5

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