Recent Work

Senior: Matthew

Class of 2017

Matthew is a senior at Jonathan Alder High School.  You’ll see in some of the pictures below that he plays the trombone…he’s actually the Jonathan Alder Co-Student Director of the band!  (Pretty impressive, if you ask me! 🙂 ) In addition to the trombone, he also plays piano and has been very active in 4H livestock and woodworking projects.  Matthew is easy-going and yet focused and goal oriented.  He plans to study Mathematics with a focus in Actuarial Science after high school.

jonathan_alder_senior_photography-1 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-2 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-3 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-4 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-5 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-6 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-7 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-8 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-9 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-10 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-11 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-12 jonathan_alder_senior_photography-13

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