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Senior: Payton

Class of 2017

Some people take years to figure out what they want to do in life (me for one!) and others somehow just know what they want to do.  Payton is one of those people I watch in wonder!  When she was in sixth grade she did a report for school, and at that point decided she wants to be airplane pilot.  Soon after that she started taking lessons, and now she has her pilot’s license!  She’s not exactly sure how everything will play out in her future, but at this point her desire is to continue pursuing flight.

For now, Payton is working on finishing up her senior year at Jonathan Alder High School.  For her session she was most concerned about having her plane in the pictures, too!  The gusts of wind were pretty strong and nearly non-stop during her session, so we moved to an airplane hangar for some of the pictures.  I loved having a new and unique location to shoot, and you could tell Payton was in her happy place with her airplane!

senior_pictures_with_airplane-1 senior_pictures_with_airplane-2 senior_pictures_with_airplane-3 senior_pictures_with_airplane-4 senior_pictures_with_airplane-5 senior_pictures_with_airplane-6 senior_pictures_with_airplane-7 senior_pictures_with_airplane-8 senior_pictures_with_airplane-9 senior_pictures_with_airplane-10 senior_pictures_with_airplane-11 senior_pictures_with_airplane-12 senior_pictures_with_airplane-13 senior_pictures_with_airplane-14 senior_pictures_with_airplane-15 senior_pictures_with_airplane-16 senior_pictures_with_airplane-17 senior_pictures_with_airplane-18 senior_pictures_with_airplane-19 senior_pictures_with_airplane-20 senior_pictures_with_airplane-21 senior_pictures_with_airplane-22 senior_pictures_with_airplane-23 senior_pictures_with_airplane-24 senior_pictures_with_airplane-25 senior_pictures_with_airplane-26 senior_pictures_with_airplane-27 senior_pictures_with_airplane-28And off she goes…!!!senior_pictures_with_airplane-29 senior_pictures_with_airplane-30

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