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Wedding: Joel & Anndra

{Kalona, Iowa}

Joel and Ann had a beautiful spring day for their wedding. The ceremony took place at a quaint, re-finished barn off of a dirt road in Iowa. They had a small, intimate ceremony with immediate family and close friends. Following the ceremony, family and friends joined the celebration at a reception in Iowa and then two weeks later at a reception in Joel’s hometown of Ohio.

Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(1) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(2) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(3) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(4) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(5) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(6) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(7) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(8) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(9) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(10) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(11) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(12) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(13) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(14) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(15) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(16) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(17) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(18) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(19) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(20) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(21) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(22) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(23) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(24) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(25) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(26) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(27) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(28) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(29) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(30) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(31) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(32) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(33) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(34) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(35) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(36) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(37) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(38) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(39) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(40) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(41) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(42) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(43) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(44) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(45) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(46) Joel-and-Ann-Roby-(47)

Special thanks to Summer Schrock of Summer Alisabeth Photography for second shooting for me! If you’re from Iowa and looking for a photographer be sure to look up Summer!  It was a pleasure to get to know Summer.  She has a great eye for photography!

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