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Wedding: Drew & Brittany

Drew and Brittany’s day was filled with love, fun, family and friends.  Drew and Brittany were so organized and didn’t miss a detail!  Here’s the story of their day in pictures…

Pictures of Wedding dress

Pictures of weddig details

Brittany’s hair and makeup were done at her house.  I love seeing her expression when her tiara was put on for the first time!

Pictures of the brideWedding flowersGroom getting dressedBride getting dressed

Months before the wedding Drew and Brittany had wrote letter to each other that were not to be read until the big day!

Wedding love letters

It was easy to see that family is important to Drew and Brittany.  Brittany’s grandmothers were her flowers girls…aren’t they the cutest flowers girls you’ve ever seen! 😉

Grandma Flower GirlsHere comes the bride!Ceremony picsBridal party picsBridal party picsBridal party picsDrew and Brittany Komer wedding portraitsDrew and Brittany Komer wedding portraitsDrew and Brittany Komer wedding portraitsBig brothers hug pictureCountry wedding portraitsCountry wedding portraitsBridal portrait

Oh, beautiful Brittany…twirling in your princess dress!

Bridal portrait

Don’t forget Drew…he didn’t want to miss out on the twirling either!

Groom's portrait

The reception was held at Brookeshire in Delaware, Ohio.  Purple and orange colors were used to beautifully decorate the venue.  Even the candy bar had all sorts of sweet treats in purple and orange.

Brookeshire in Delaware OhioReception detail picturesCandy bar picturesCake cutting and first dance picturesDance picturesSparkler LOVESparkler exit

Drew and Brittany, it was truly a pleasure to be a part of your day!  I so enjoyed getting to know you over the last year.  You are a great couple and I wish you the best and the Lord’s blessing on your marriage.

Special thanks to Deborah Beachy of DG Photography for second shooting for me for the day!  As always, it was a great!

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