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While my passion and preference is to shoot outdoors with natural light, I made the decision this winter to pick up my camera and shoot life indoors to work on my creativity with angles and lighting.

When we pose for family portraits we try to look “just right”, but in real life you’ll find my boys wrestling or running laps around the house while they wait for warmer weather outside.  And in real life we have to work, do laundry, go to meetings, make dinners…busyness…LIFE!  Years ago I learned to have joy in each day–a lesson I need to be reminded of every once in a while.  Despite the ho-hum of everyday life we can still see the beauty in it and have joy…joy in the Lord!  Below you’ll get a tiny glimpse of our lives around here…not perfect, but blessed!

Happy spring to everyone!  Enjoy what each day holds and find the beauty the Lord has placed in it…even if it seems like it will never get warm!  (Oh, and yes, the laundry pic below was the pile I had yesterday that still needs to be folded!) 🙂

Pic of Child Looking Through a WindowPic of Child with a CupPic of Child Writing His NamePic of Child's Feet at a Table

Pic of Boys Sitting Beside Each Other on Couch

I love how they sit so close to each other when they watch a show. Where one is, you'll find the other!

Pic of Children Reading BooksChild Eating Peanut Butter & JellyPic of Coffee & Laundry


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