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Senior: Luke — Class of 2012

Luke is one of those guys that at first glance may appear to be quiet, but ask his friends how they would describe his personality and they might use the word “gregarious”—social!

His favorite place to hang out???  The gym!  Luke loves basketball and led the Shekinah Flames to District Finals this year!  I can still remember watching Luke as a tiny, little guy (we’re talking 6 years old or so) shooting baskets and practicing his three-point shot—with success!  His many, many hours of practice and shooting baskets has paid off as he now hopes to use his talent at the collegiate level by playing for the Mt. Vernon Nazarene University Cougars.

Blessings to you, Luke, as you follow the Lord’s leading for your life!

Senior Portrait of Luke Shetler--Old Silo in the CountrySenior Portrait of Luke Shetler--Cool Old Van PoseSenior Portrait of Luke Shetler with DogSenior Portrait of Luke Shetler with Old Barn in the CountrySenior Portrait of Luke Shetler with Retro Blue VanSenior Portrait of Luke Shetler Shekinah Basketball PicSenior Portrait of Luke Shetler--Country PoseSenior Portrait of Luke ShetlerSenior Portrait of Luke Shetler in the Gym Basketball Pose


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