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Amanda & Brian: Wedding and Covered Bridge Portraits

Planning for a wedding to be outdoors is always a gamble with the weather, much less planning for it in October when the weather in Ohio could be cold and frosty!  But for Brian and Amanda their day in October turned out to be absolutely beautiful, if not even a bit hot!

Amanda is sweet-spirited and spontaneous.  Brian, at first glance, appears to be quiet and reserved, but once you get to know him one can easily see that he also has a fun-loving, spontaneous side which complements Amanda perfectly!

Although, from two different worlds, well, actually the states of Ohio and Kansas J, Brian and Amanda chose to have their wedding in Ohio with the future plans of settling on a farm in Kansas.  For some of their portraits they chose to use a local, restored covered bridge.  This location was special to them, because they would occasionally visit the bridge while dating and then Brian chose to propose to Amanda at the bridge!

Brian and Amanda, thank you for the privilege of sharing in your day!

Special thanks to Marlisa Beachy for assisting me for the day!  She captures some great shots!

Amanda Weber Miller Wedding Photo

Pretty eyes!

Wedding Photo "Falling in Love" Tea Bags

The details of their day were simple and yet beautifully coordinated. Many of them were DYI (Do It Yourself) and turned out great! These personalized tea bags were on the reception tables.

Brian & Amanda Miller Dress Photo

Ohio Covered Bridge Brian Amanda Miller Photo

Wedding Amanda Weber Miller Photo

Wedding Photo Brian & Amanda Miller

Covered Bridge Photo Brian & Amanda Miller

One of my favorites!

Wedding Photo by Creek Brian & Amanda Miller

Bridal Party Photo by Covered Bridge

Wedding Pic Brian & Amanda Miller

Wedding Photo on Coach Brian & Amanda

Wedding Photo Brian & Amanda

Bride & Groom Photo

Walk down the aisle photo

Wedding "Cupcakes" Photo

They didn't have just "one" wedding cake they had many cupcakes!

Cutting the cupcake photo

Cutting the "cupcake!"

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